Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mr. G Turns a year old(er)

Yup. On a certain a day in the April of 1979, G was born. Duly celebrated on a day close enough to that one this April-with some rather Loud Flamenco (by someone who considered Flamenco "serious" business and was very convincing as a flamenco-isnt-for-the-cheerful-or-the-faint-of-heart task mistress), fine wine, and three course Spanish fare, in the company of numerous well wishing freinds, at a relatively chichi establishment on the Lower East Side. Much fun was had, with a surprised, even overwhelmed G and confused maitre'd (this part was not that pleasant).
Oh and from yours truly ..G cheerfully received a membership to a wine club, where exotic(hopefully) wines come with particularly interesting wine quotes.
In very other news, my life continues with some heavy duty finance studies, and work and occasional(very) blogtrotting.
So much to say..but so little time. Until then..sleep is much required.